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Sherburn Community Survey

Welcome to the Sherburn Community Survey. Your answers will be used to help us understand the local area and plan more community activity in Sherburn and surrounding villages.

The survey is from the Durham Miners’ Association (DMA). We host the Durham Miners’ Gala each year and have been working with communities in Durham for more than 150 years. With support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, we’re currently working on a £7.25m transformation of our home in Durham city, Redhills: Durham Miners Hall, to turn it into a vibrant centre of heritage, culture and education. 

Working with the villages and towns of the coalfield we want this project to bring people together and feel the benefit as one community. 

This survey is your chance to tell us about life in Sherburn, what you’d like to see happening where you live and what the DMA can do to best serve and support your community in the future. At the end we’ll ask you if you’re interested in getting more involved with what’s planned.